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Ongoing research, collaboration & advocacy.

Alternative Leadership
Ongoing investigation into collaborative / collective and co-leadership alternatives within arts organisations in Australia and internationally.

Are there opportunities to rethink traditional notions of leadership and professional development that commonly manifest in the arts? What are the challenges and opportunities of re-imagining shared responsibility? Despite examples of artist collective models from across cultures, there are relatively few established examples of alternative organisational leadership structures within arts organisations. 

A set of key considerations form the basis of these conversations. Broadly, these will focus on the impact on the organisation (culturally, financially, creatively); the experience of the individuals within the leadership group and the wide-ranging attitudes to alternative (particularly collective) models in different parts of the world.

Researching a Props Library for Melbourne (2020)
Investigating the feasibility and logistics of creating a props or performing arts library that would be accessible to independent and small-medium arts organisations working in Melbourne. This research considered two significant potential benefits:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of ongoign purchases of props, costumes and technical equipment that could otherwise be shared with others. This would avoid replication and encourage a more conscious long-term approach to purchasing and re-use.

  • Reducing the direct costs that artists and companies incur through hiring, purchasing and storing technical equipment.  

Research was undertaken in collaboration with Production Manager, Emily O’Brien and consisted of a series of group discussions with production and technical workers from across the sector.

Supported by The City of Melbourne Arts Grants.  


If you have worked previously, or are currently working as part of an alternative leadership strcture and would be interested in discussing your experience, please get in touch.