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Lucy Guerin Inc

LGI is dedicated to researching, challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance.

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Freya works with LGI to develop international partnerships and presentation opportunities for the company’s new works. 

Lucy Guerin Inc (LGI) is an Australian dance company established in Melbourne in 2002. Renowned for the skill and originality of its small group of performers, LGI is dedicated to challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance. New productions are generated through an experimental approach to the creative process, and may involve voice, video, sound, text and design as well as Guerin’s lucid physical structures.

Over the last 20 years, the company has evolved from a structure that enables Guerin’s choreographic projects, to an organisation that also supports the development of independent dance artists in Melbourne. Through a program of residencies, classes, workshops, presentations and mentoring opportunities, it is responsive to the shifting ideas and contexts generated by dance and choreography in the world today.